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Thanks for looking at our web page. Our garden is located on a 1 &1/2 acre city lot. We have collected dayliles since 1975, but we have only hybridized for the last fifteen or so years. Our interest in this flower has gone through many cycles during this time. Some of which include double or triple edges, those possessing teeth, and patterns. As a result, we have some very nice flowers in each of those endeavors. During the past five or so years we have focused on patterned blooms which have broken eye zones. It has taken us some time to see the fruit of our labor, yet we recognize that we still have a long way to go. We feel that our latest work has been somewhat successful and we now have a few interesting registrations and “bridge” flowers to work with. There is a sense of self-satisfaction in seeing and sharing our passion with others and that is why we developed this web site.
Patricia and I come from a legacy of growing daylilies. My parents taught me how to pollinate a flower when I was 12 years old. We, like our parents, like to tell children about our favorite flower. In fact, once we bring them into the garden to smell the fragrance and let them pollinate a few flowers, they are hooked! We discovered this by having our ten grandchildren to do odds and ends around the flower beds. Our book, My Grandparents' Daylilies, was inspired by the children that have visited our garden.

Pat and Pat Larsen

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